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Desiccant Silica Sachets are commonly used with Mylar bags in order to remove all the moisture which could impact the longevity of your food storage, creating the perfect anaerobic environment for your storage and protection needs.


Mylar Shop only sells non-toxic indicating orange to colourless silica desiccant sachets! This is slightly more expensive than other forms of silica but the colour indicating aspect lets you know that the desiccant is ready to be used and its non-toxic nature makes it a great choice when storing food and medications! Our Silica Bead sachets are also easily re-usable time and time again!


Please read our Silica Gel Desiccants FAQ article for information on storing and renewing silica gel desiccants.


Removing the moisture prevents bacteria and funguses, such as mould, from developing. Foods sealed in Mylar bags with desiccants and oxygen absorbers can last for decades and inorganic products like paper and plastic even longer.


At Mylar Shop, we stock 4 different sizes of desiccant silica gel sachets.


The smallest 10g silica gel sachet is most suitable for both 10cm x 15cm ziplock bags in black and silver, the 12cm x 20cm ziplock bag and 15cm x 15cm bag.


The 30g silica gel sachet is best used with our 20cm x 25cm zip-loc bag, 20cm x 30cm mylar bag and vac-seal 20cm x 30cm Mylar bag.


The 60g silica gel sachet is perfect for both 25cm x 35cm mylar bags, in standard 3.5mil and heavy duty 7mil thicknesses, the vac-seal 25cm x 35cm Mylar bag and the 25cm x 40cm ziplock bag.


The 100g silica sachet is ideal for our heavy duty 35cm x 50cm bag, vac-seal 35cm x 50cm Mylar bag, 48cm x 74cm mylar bag and heavy duty 48cm x 74cm mylar bag.


All silica desiccants we supply conform to EU and US FDA regulations for food safety.

Desiccant Silica Sachets

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