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About Mylar Shop

About Mylar Shop

At Mylar Shop we believe in sourcing the best quality Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers and silica gel desiccants and offering them to you at the most competitive prices. We have many years' experience of buying and using Mylar bags, for storage and packaging, and aim to bring you the best range of quality Mylar bags available.

All the bags you see at Mylar Shop are premium BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) aluminium foil bags. They're oxygen and lightproof, unlike cheaper laminated polyester bags, which are thinner and often light permeable, making them unsuitable for food storage. Our bags reflect 99% of light, including the non-visible wavelengths of the spectrum.
Quality is vital when storing perishable products long-term.

Mylar Shop bags

All Mylar Shop bags are food grade and US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approved for food storage. Most of our bags are 3.5mil thick, which is an ideal compromise of durability and flexibility. Our 20cm x 25cm (8 x 10 inch) ziplock bag is 5.0mil thick. Our largest bag, the 48cm x 74cm (19 x 29 inch) Mylar bag, is 4.3mil thick. We also offer the option of heavy duty 7mil thick bags on our popular medium 25cm x 35cm (10 x 14 inch) bags and 48cm x 74cm (19 x 29 inch) Mylar bags. These are extremely strong bags that are great for storing heavier foodstuffs and any objects with jagged or angular edges, such as tools, screws or fixings. For most foods and stored items like paperwork or photos, 3.5mil thick bags are more than adequate.

We stock 11 different sizes of bag, from small pouches to 5 gallon (22.73 litres) sacks. Smaller bags can be sealed inside larger bags. This prevents wastage by enabling you to open smaller quantities of food when you need them, rather than exposing large amounts of food to oxygen and the elements. It also gives you the extra protection of being heat-sealed twice.

Please see the Mylar Shop size guide for information on all bag sizes in our range.

Mylar Shop oxygen absorbers and silica gel desiccants

Oxygen absorbers and silica gel desiccants further prolong the shelf life of stored material by removing oxygen and moisture.

Our oxygen absorbers are manufactured by OxyFree, the inventor and market leader of oxygen absorber technology worldwide.

Our silica gel desiccants conform to EU and US FDA regulations for food safety.

Every product you see at Mylar Shop is in stock and ready to be despatched to you within one working day of us receiving your order. We package our products so that they reach you in the best possible condition, and have a range of cost-effective postal options, wherever you are in the world.

If you have any questions or queries about a Mylar Shop product, or about Mylar bagsoxygen absorbers and silica gel desiccants in general, please contact us.

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mylar-shop-logo Click on our picture to contact us. We are a business providing quality mylar products to customers across the globe.

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