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Large Mylar Bag - 48cm x 74cm

Ideal size for: A2 and A3 size paper, prints and paintings, clothing and shoes, textiles, cushions and bedding, Christmas decorations and large auto parts.
10 Large 48cm x 74cm Mylar Bags £21.99

50 Large 48cm x 74cm Mylar Bags £84.99

100 Large 48cm x 74cm Mylar Bags £134.99

350 Large 48cm x 74cm Mylar Bags £374.99

  • 48cm x 74cm (19" x 29") external dimensions
  • 45.5cm x 72cm (17.9" x 28.3") internal dimensions
  • Approx. 22 litres (5 gallons) volume
  • 5.1mil (130 microns) thickness
  • Food grade - safe for food storage
  • Heat sealable, flat bag (non-gusseted)
  • Pack sizes of 10, 50, 100 and 350
  • Ideal for use with our 2000cc oxygen absorbers and 100g silica gel desiccants


Potential uses include the storage of large amounts of dry foods, including cereals and grains, pasta, rice, flour, noodles, beans and legumes, in fact any dry foodstuff.


Other uses include the storage of large paper and canvas items, such as paintings, prints and lithographs, as well as clothes storage, including dresses, trousers and jeans, coats and jackets, T-shirts etc.


Mylar Shop bags protect against oxygen, heat, pests, light and moisture.


Useful information:



We post large bags in postal tubes, or folded in one direction in a padded envelope or box as appropriate, to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Repeated folding can cause tiny holes, which causes deterioration of your stored produce.


Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Marc Hughes - Friday, 22 July 2022

Absolutely excellent experience A+++++++++++. The seller was very generous and patient and sent me all kinds of product samples to find exactly what I
needed before making a purchase. Excellent and clear communication with great knowledge of what they sell which really helped considering that this
isn't something I have purchased before. All in all, perfect transaction (even though it took a while on my part). Thanks a lot!

Rating 5
Jean Michel - Sunday, 10 December 2017

I purchased 10 of the large 48cm x 74cm to transport paintings in the post. They kept the paintings dry and protected during transit, and were
surprisingly easy to seal with hair straighteners. I would recommend these bags and would certainly buy from Mylar Shop again. Thanks!

Rating 5
Lawrence - Tuesday, 03 July 2012

These bags are great for storing food. I bought 10 to store rice & they're strong & well made. They also seal easily.

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