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At Mylar Shop we believe in sourcing the best quality Mylar bags and offering them to you at the most competitive prices. We have many years? experience of buying and using Mylar bags, for storage and packaging, and aim to bring you the best range of quality Mylar bags available.

All the bags you see at Mylar Shop are premium BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) aluminium foil bags. They?re oxygen and lightproof, unlike cheaper laminated polyester bags, which are thinner and often light permeable, making them unsuitable for food storage. Our bags reflect 99% of light, including the non-visible wavelengths of the spectrum.
Quality is vital when storing perishable products long-term. 


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mylar-shop-logo Click on our picture to contact us. We are a business providing quality mylar products to customers across the globe.

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