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Archive Storage for Business and Home

When running a business, or keeping a home, we accumulate assorted paperwork and documents that one day we may need, but today, we would rather not have cluttering up our house or workplace. Organising and managing this paperwork is important to the smooth running of a company or household.

Even with today's access to technology, there are still many times when we need to store and manage paper documents. As an individual, couple or family, it is wise to keep a copy of any document we sign, in case we need to refer to it later. This may include agreements for credit, guarantees for consumer goods we buy, tenancy agreements and other things.

When self-employed or as the director of a company, the amount of paper documents we acquire is far greater, and can be a problem to manage. HM Revenue and Customs in the UK say that as a self-employed person, you must keep your records for at least 5 years and 10 months after the end of the tax year the tax return is for. This is a lot of paperwork.

You can use Mylar bags to store:




Delivery notes


Utility bills

Used chequebooks

Mylar bags enable people and businesses to store paper documents in the short, medium and long term, in their own protected environment. The unique barrier properties of Mylar mean that it's possible to store paper in sunlight without fading and in damp conditions without rotting.

Many of the largest banking institutions and libraries use mylar bags for their document storage for these very reasons!

If you need to retrieve documents frequently, our zip-seal bags make it easy to access your paperwork, and easy to reseal for later. The 25cm x 40cm zip-lock HD bag is ideal for A4 size documents, and the 20cm x 25cm zip-lock bag is great for smaller items. Both are also strong and robust for repeated use.

For documents that you may need to access less frequently, or ones kept 'just in case', our plain opening bags will keep your paperwork protected for many years. The 25cm x 35cm bag is the perfect size for A4 size papers, and available in both standard (3.5mil) and HD (7mil) thicknesses. The 20cm x 30cm bag is ideal for A5 and smaller sized paper.


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