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Clothing and Shoe Storage Using Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are an excellent way to store clothing and shoes long-term. Mylar bags create a relatively constant internal environment, protecting your clothing from odours such as cooking smells, tobacco or other smoke, from moisture in the air and from airborne bacteria and fungi. They're perfect for anyone who needs to store clothing for any length of time, from individuals storing their winter or summer wardrobe, to clothing collectors or vintage clothes and shoe traders.


We all have our favourite clothes or shoes. Sometimes there are reasons why we can't wear them. The climate may be too hot or cold, we may lose or gain weight so they no-longer fit, or they may become unfashionable or unsuitable to wear at the time. There are also clothes that we wear infrequently, or perhaps just once for a special day like a wedding or graduation. These clothes mean a lot to us, and of course, we want to keep them for their sentimental value. Storing your old school uniform, wedding dress, or football shirt long-term in Mylar bags is the best way to keep them from degrading over time.


Whether you collect vintage clothes or shoes, handbags, accessories, sports shirts, band T-shirts or any textiles, Mylar bags are a very safe way to ensure that your collection remains in top condition. Mylar Shop has a range of bag sizes, from just 9cm by 10cm which is our very smallest mylar bag, right up to 48cm by 74cm which is our very largest mylar bag. Small bags can be sealed within larger bags, so you can store each garment separately for ease of access later.


Mylar bags are also very useful to those who trade in textiles, particularly vintage clothing and shoes. Clothing stored in Mylar bags will retain their condition, even when stored in less than ideal environments, as is sometimes necessary when trading in bulk textiles. They're very cost effective and can be reused again and again, trimmed to size and resealed multiple times.


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