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Custom Mylar bags

At Mylar Shop, we sell a wide range of pre-made Mylar bags and accessories, that are always in stock, and ready to be dispatched worldwide.
We are also able to produce custom Mylar bags to your specification, no matter the size, colour, shape or thickness.
Mylar bags are increasing being used as a high quality and attractive packaging alternative for all manner of products. They're light, very strong and resistant to damage and effortlessly convey a premium image to the customer, instantly adding value to your product.
Once you become aware of Mylar packaging in the everyday world, you will be amazed at how many different types of product are packaged within it. Just a few examples include food and drink such as crisps, biltong, jerky, cookies and biscuits, boiled sweets, tea, coffee, juices, energy drinks and protein powders, cosmetic products such as shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, hair gels and waxes, electronics, vitamins and supplements, pet food, clothing and accessories, incense and automative components. This list is (almost) endless.
Mylar Shop has produced custom packaging for many different companies, from small start-ups to established multinational companies. The minimum order for custom Mylar bags is between 10,000 and 20,000 pieces, depending on the size of the bag. We can make bags in any colour, shape, size or to any specification. Below are a few examples of the bags we can produce.

alt       alt
Some features of the bags shown, that customers looking for custom packaging may want to consider include:
Size - the bags shown vary in size from just 8cm x 5.5cm, up to 48cm x 61cm, though we can produce bags in almost any size
Design - we can print designs to your exact specifications on the bag. From one colour printing on one side, to multi-colour printing on both sides. We also supply plain bags in any colour or size, without printing if required
Colour - a wide range of different colours are available both in the background colour of the bag, and the printed design. One side, or a small panel, can be transparent to display contents
Gauge - bags of varying thickness can be produced depending on customer needs
Finish - choose from matte or shiny finish
Grip-seal, plain opening or child-proof - one of the unique features of Mylar bags is that they can be heat sealed. Grip-seals also offer a handy opening mechanism for products that need to be accessed frequently. We can also produce bags with child-proof opening mechanisms, for drugs and pharmaceutical products
Tear-notch - tear notches allow easy opening without the need for scissors. They also work as tamper-evident packaging, clearly displaying whether the packaging has been opened
Hang hole/hang tag - allow hanging of product for easy access and attractive retail display
Handle - larger bags or those that may be reused often feature a cut-out handle
Gusseted - gusseted bags allow the bag to stand-up when filled, drawing the eye in a retail environment. Very popular with coffee makers
Spout opening - are used for drinks packaging and baby food/drinks. Allows consumption straight from the pouch
Whatever your packaging needs, Mylar Shop has the experience and expertise to offer advice and suggestions that will ensure your product is displayed beautifully and professionally, at the right price for you.
If you have any questions or are looking for a quotation, please don't hesitate to contact us. The information we require to give you an estimated price is the number of bags required, the dimensions and thickness of the bag, the opening type and the number of different colours on the design.

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