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Emergency food storage

There are many different reasons why people use Mylar bags for food storage, from simply taking a few days food with you on camping or hiking trips, to having months or years worth of nutritionally balanced meals available in case of major catastrophes. Other people store food to minimise the effects of inflation, ensuring they've budgeted accurately for the cost of food in the future. Food price inflation is already on the rise worldwide, and with a growing world population, and static or falling food crop yields, storing food is one of the shrewdest ways to spend your hard-earned money and protect you and your family's future.

There were significant world food price hikes from mid-2007 to early-2008 and again in early-2011, both brought about by droughts in major food producing nations, combined with increases in the price of oil and an increased demand for food from the growing middle class of Asian nations. The increased food prices caused unrest in many developing countries including riots in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt, Senegal and Somalia, with many staple foods becoming too expensive or entirely unavailable to the average person.

In the West, food price inflation of over 5% per annum in the years since 2008 has combined with falling real wages to squeeze people's budget. Storing food today that will be worth 5% more next year, and 10% more the year after is a wise investment, particularly as you can buy in bulk, saving you extra cash.

Storing food in Mylar bags using oxygen absorbers was once the preserve of a small group of committed survivalists, most in North America, but is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The main reasons for this is the greater availability of Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, the improved communication of ideas through such mediums as online forums and YouTube, and the realisation that food price inflation is a reality that does affect, and, in all probability, will continue to affect billions of people worldwide. There is also the fact that the long-term storage of food was seen as something only a professional could do. However, with a few simple tools like an iron and our mylar bags you could be storing food long-term with no problems at all!


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