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Mylar Bags in the UK

Looking for Mylar Bags in the UK?

It's no surprise that you're looking for mylar bags in the UK as they've generally been pretty hard to get hold of for a reasonable price. Most of the time when searching for mylar bags you're confronted with a US retailer with bargain prices but extremely high UK shipping. You can see just how hard it's been to find mylar bags in the United Kingdom by looking at some forum posts from popular Long-Term Food Storage forums:



The main reason for the difficulty in acquiring Mylar bags in the UK is that the highest quality mylar bags, and therefore the most attractive bags to the knowledgeable customer, are sold by retailers in the USA, which means import charges and high shipping rates.

Many retailers like to make a point about their bags being manufactured in the USA. The reality is that the vast majority of Mylar bags are manufactured in China, not the United States. The quality of any bag, regardless of the country of origin, is primarily determined by the thickness (gauge) of the bag. A US made Mylar bag that is 2.5mil (63.5 microns) thick is not going to provide better protection than a 7.0mil (178 microns) thick bag that is made in China. If the country of manufacture is of great importance to you as the customer, we would always advise you to ask for proof from the seller that the bag is indeed made in USA. In our experience, most retailers who advertise their bags as Made in USA, are reluctant to provide such evidence.

You should also check the thickness or gauge of the bags sold, as some retailers neglect to specify this vital information. A thicker bag is not always better for your needs than a thinner bag, as thinner bags (minimum 3.5mil, 89 microns), are more flexible, thus easier to use, cheaper, and are perfectly suitable for some applications, particularly short to medium term storage, and packaging. Thicker bags will, however, provide far better resistant to heat, light, moisture and gas transmission, so food and products stored in them will last longer.

Why Can't I buy High Quality Mylar Bags from a UK shop?

Well now you can! The team at Mylar Shop purchase large quantities of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers from the best manufacturers in the world to ensure that our Mylar bags are as thick as possible! We are also proud to say that all of the Mylar bags sold at Mylar Shop are of the highest food-grade standard. As we order in such a large quantity of Mylar bags to the United Kingdom we are therefore able to offer you the lowest prices you'll find online with the cheapest shipping!

Why Does Quality Matter in Mylar Bags?

The quality of the Mylar bag only matters if you care about the contents! Many retailers of Mylar bags will sell simple see-through foil bags as mylar bags and announce that they are light-proof and ideal for storing food! It is obvious that any bag which allows light to enter is not going to be the best type of bag for long-term food storage. Mylar Shop only sells Mylar bags that are thick enough to offer complete protection against the deleterious effects of light and oxygen to food and other items. We also make sure that we get our bags to you in the best condition possible will leads us on to...

How do you Ship your Mylar Bags in the UK?

Mylar Shop has a great deal of shipping expertise when it comes to mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, to the United Kingdom and beyond! One important facet of shipping Mylar bags, no matter where they may be going to, is the acknowledgement of the rough ride they'll be facing on their way to the customer! For instance many online mylar bag retailers, in the UK and elsewhere, will double-fold their mylar bags which will create pin-point holes in the lining and when a journey from the United States to the UK is involved these holes will become significant enough to create a real problem for proper long-term food storage. Here at Mylar Shop we make sure to never double-fold our Mylar bags and they will reach you in the same pristine condition that they reached us! We also offer courier delivery to get your Mylar bags to you fast! Mylar Shop can have the highest quality Mylar bags straight to your door in no time at all!


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