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Storing CDs, vinyl and DVDs

These days, many people keep their music and film collections in digital formats on their hard-drive. Millions of songs, TV shows or films can be stored on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Most people like to keep some physical music and film collection too though, either to play regularly on CD, DVD players or turntables, for nostalgia, or because they enjoy collecting. Music collections on vinyl or CD can also be very valuable, and are rightly considered investments by those who collect them.

Physical formats like vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes and DVDs will degrade over time, even when stored indoors in relatively dry and temperate conditions. Mylar bags protect the contents from moisture, dust, sunlight and unwanted odour by maintaining a constant internal environment. You can rest assured that your collection, whether valuable monetarily or emotionally, is protected from damage in the best way possible. Mylar Bags are, after all, a perfect oxygen and light barrier.

Zip-lock Mylar bags are ideal if you need regular access to your music and films, as they are easily sealed and resealed.

Our 12cm x 20cm zip-lock bags are the perfect size for single music cassette tapes.

Our 20cm x 25cm zip-lock bags are great for storing multiple cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs, and our 25cm x 40cm zip-lock bags are useful for multiple CDs, DVDs, VHS video tapes and 7" vinyl records.

If you are storing for the longer term, and do not need access to your media regularly, standard opening bags are more cost-effective.

People are often forced to store their physical music collection out of the way, in cupboards, closets, attics, lofts or garages, due to a lack of space around the house. This may be convenient, but these areas are often the dustiest, dampest and least well heated in the home. Keeping CDs, vinyl and DVDs unprotected in these conditions will lead to their physical degradation. Storing them within Mylar bags will protect them, prolonging their life and retaining their value.

Many professional music retailers and committed hobbyists have used Mylar bags for music and entertainment storage for many years. Mylar bags are even suitable to be used as packaging when posting or shipping music to customers, saving time in repackaging goods, while at the same time maintaining a professional image of your company.

Mylar bags are also ideal for private collectors and individuals, who can now store their collections like a professional, in a cost-effective and convenient way.


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