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Uses for Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers

Since being developed in the 1950s, Mylar has been used in hundreds of applications, from hot air balloon satellites launched into space, to film bags used to keep coffee fresh. Below is an excellent film from 1955 about the physical, chemical, thermal and electrical resistance of the new wonder material Mylar:

Mylar The New Wonder Material


Mylar has been utilised by the food industry since the 1980s, prolonging the shelf life of all kinds of food products. One example of this is crisps (chips) packets, which were once made almost exclusively from transparent plastic, and are now mostly lined with a very thin Mylar film. The main advantages of Mylar film over transparent plastic in this case, and in most examples of food storage, are reflectivity and gas and aroma barrier protection, which combine to keep your crisps fresh and tasty. The bags we sell at Mylar shop are of course a much heavier grade and harder wearing product than those used to package crisps and other foods commercially. We even sell heavy duty 7mil (189 micron) Mylar bags in a range of sizes, which are very popular with our customers.

Survivalists and preppers have been using Mylar bags for food storage since the early 1990s, when Mylar bags first became available to the public. It's through these preppers and survivalists that we know how effective Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers can be in practice. People have stored food in Mylar bags using oxygen absorbers for over a decade, with no loss of quality of product. Their food remained not just edible, but also tasty and nutritious.

Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers aren't just used for food storage of course. They're suitable for the storage and packaging of any delicate, sensitive or perishable products, from electronic hardware and components, to biological medical products.

Mylar bags have many potential uses. Here are a few that we and our customers use our bags for:

  • Camping and hiking
  • Holidays and vacations
  • Posting delicate and sensitive products such as electronics or seeds
  • Long-term storage of clothing and shoes
  • Fishing
  • Survivalism
  • Long-term food storage in case of emergencies
  • Medium-term storage of herbs and spices
  • Packaging products such as tea and coffee for sale
  • Medical, pharmacuetical and biotechnology applications
  • Packaging car/auto parts and components
  • Preventing corrosion of ferrous objects, such as nuts and bolts
  • Storing valuable paper documents, such as house deeds or legal paperwork
  • Storing magazines, comics, sports programmes, postcards and books
  • Storing CDs, vinyl and DVDs

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